Accounting :

We draw up your annual accounts in close cooperation with your financial administration team. We make recommendations to help you improve the management of your accounting process locally.

We provide  :

- Accountancy  (book keeping, drawing up balance sheets and income statements)

- Tax related services (tax returns, and filings, assistance with tax audits)

- Accounts management control and optimisation 



HR support and management :

We prepare mandatory documentation to meet legal requirements and minimise risks and claims. We help with employment contracts, employee handbooks, HR policies  and procedures.

We also provide :

- Payroll service, social security, and associated benefits returns and filings

- Assistance with social security audits

We assist you with the management of your human resources. We can draft  the terms and conditions of employment, pension and leave schemes, dismissal procedures, and provide you with update on employment and social security changing regulations and evolutions

We also provide  remuneration optimization, directors’ status optimization and pension schemes



Acquisitions and Takeover :

We provide … dynamic consulting and specific acquisition and restructuring plans

From due diligence, valuations to restructuring declining businesses we offer vendors, purchasers and financiers the skills and expertise they need to understand the performance of the target company and support all aspects of the transaction.

Beyond the price, we help you with identifying and analyzing the business, cash and key value drivers.

We dedicate  a partner to your particular project, who coordinates sector and profession specific expertise within our practise in order to provide you with a tailor made service during the management of the acquisition processes.

We provide

- Businesses valuation

- Accounting tax and social security acquisition audits

- Business restructuring



Business Management :

We help you to create the most appropriate strategies and operating models in order to achieve successful transformation of business models.


We provide

- Business & commercial strategy

- HR strategy and policies

- IT strategy

- Public policy

- Financial analysis,

- Cross-sectional analysis,

- Client/Suppliers credit control



Legal :

- Procurement contracts 
- Accounting related Legal matters



Mandatory Audit :

We verify, within the framework of the French mandatory Audit format, that your financial information maintains consistency and transparency

We will make sure that you meet French GAP.

We provide:
- Annual audits and reports,
- Limited reviews of interim accounts,
- Analysis of specific accounting situations,



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